the ‘button it’ dress

You may have noticed, if you read the post about the black jacket, that the fabric of the skirt showing was the same as the fabric for this dress. Yes, the dress that I started to make just before Christmas for Christmas day…..that I then promised myself I would finish for New Year….and when that didn’t happen it got stored in a cupboard until this last week.

This week the challenge of the week on The Sew Weekly was “Buttoned Up: to make something that calls for buttons (regular or special)”. When I read that my first instinct was to pull out the Beignet pattern again. But I really don’t need another skirt at the moment and I also really don’t need to start yet another project before I finish off some of the things that I have already started. So putting buttons to the back of my mind I pulled out this nearly finished dress and decided to complete it. All I needed to do was add the sash belt to tie it around the waist and do the hem. I had originally thought that I would make the belt in a contrasting fabric to add a bit of colour but I had nothing in the cupboard that looked right. I then stalled…adding a belt in the same fabric didn’t really appeal  – too monotone – and too bulky as the houndstooth fabric is a wool mix and although fairly light and drapey adding several layers around the waist seemed a recipe for, well, a thick waist….and then I hit upon adding buttons – perfect.

I had three green buttons left from my denim beignet and so made a button hole at the waist of each front bodice section and a further one between the bust where the front bodice sections cross over (to be on the safe side). As I wrap the dress right side over left (still with me?) I sewed the first button on the inside of the right side of the bodice at the waist, the second on the outside of the left bodice section at the waist and the third to match the third button hole.I have also posted about this dress over at The Sew Weekly and you can check out that post here.