Carnival Interlude

Everything else ground to a halt last week (sewing wise) as Sunday was the school carnival……and that means costumes. New costumes (because they only have a couple of hundred each already!!).

From left to right you can see: Little Red Riding Hood, modelling hooded cape and red skirt; Superbaby sporting new superbaby cape; Luca le loup in new wolf costume including hood with ears, tail, claws and mask; and Cinderella in pink disney princess dress (Simplicity 2817).

The capes came together fairly easily – a bit of free scissor drafting with hood for Little Red Riding Hood and some felt appliqué for Superbaby. The red skirt is a width of red fabric cut to the appropriate length, hemmed and with elastic at the waist. The Cinderella dress was the only outfit I had a pattern for and went together well – I would definitely recommend this pattern for dressing up outfits – it includes a Snow White option with cape.

And then there was the fox. Little boy knew what he wanted and he wasn’t about to make any compromises. In the end cut around a Buzz Lightyear all in one costume he has and made the all in one in black fur – added a tail and the claws – it was important they were added to the sleeves and the legs – and then I did a separate hood with ears and we did the mask together – little boy pointing out where he wanted the black and where he wanted the grey. All in all I was pretty chuffed and he loves it (which let’s face it is the important thing) – he has even slept in it the last two nights!!

This week I plan to crack on with my Rainbow Challenge (once I have finished clearing up the black fur – it gets everywhere!) – and this week is also OWOP – my outfit posts will be up soon!