2011 In Pictures

This is a round up of our year in pictures. I have tried to be ruthless and my original aim was to limit myself to 12 images. I haven’t quite achieved that as some for personal or sentimental reasons couldn’t be left out but hopefully what you see below tells the story of our 2011.

walks on the mountain

the magic of rainbows

a short break in Barcelona

the rain in june

les travaux

le tour



the river

more walks on the mountain

painting and creating

the bump

the baby

autumn strolls

country hikes

all things pirate

christmas cards

boxing day walk

sunset 2011.


Photobox 24Live

If you follow Photobox on facebook you may have seen their Live24 competition last week. Over 24 hours they held a competition each hour with  each photo for each challenge to be taken and uploaded in real time.

I hadn’t planned to complete all 24 challenges as I am not one at the best of times to give up sleep and actually thought I’d only manage a couple of the challenges but it became strangely addictive and I eventually clocked up 16 of the 24!

The photos above are the ones I took and submitted for the challenges which I have listed below (from top left in a clockwise direction)

  1. London underground stations
  2. Shadow
  3. All wrapped up
  4. Landscape
  5. Contrast
  6. Joy
  7. Food Glorious Food
  8. Christmas
  9. Book Titles
  10. Wake Up!
  11. All Babies Count on Me (NSPCC campaign – to read more click here)
  12. Faces in weird places
  13. New
  14. Something beginning with P
  15. Classic
  16. Things in Threes