A Late Fall Challenge

If you follow the Colette Patterns blog at all you will have probably seen that they held a Fall Challenge  – details of which you can see here.

The general idea was to choose a colour palette and then plan your sewing to create as many garments as you desire for the autumn (fall for those over the water!). The idea was to complete the challenge over a ten week period.

Despite having lots of ideas as to what I would like to make being due to give birth smack bang in the middle of autumn put a bit of a dampener on my planning and sewing. I really needed (nor wanted) no more maternity clothes and sewing for a post giving birth body when you are still hulking the baby around inside you is not easy (nor indeed practical).

Fast forward a couple of months and I still had the ideas swimming around in my head and so I decided to do a mini challenge. My aim: to create four or five garments that will mix and match to give me a handful of “new” outfits suitable for my lifestyle and the time of year.

Below I have set out some images reflecting my plans and each day this week I will reveal a new garment finishing with, next weekend, a gallery of my new outfits!

Advent Calendar 2011

It’s that time of year again. Sleigh bells ringing and all that….children saying “I want that” every time an advert comes on tv and having to queue twice as long in the supermarket as people start to stockpile food as if the shops were going to be closed for a year.

Bah humbug? Me?? On the upside there are advent calendars and not to be outdone by Kinder (who seem to have monopolized advent this year, if the enormous pile of Kinder advent calendars helpfully situated by the tills in my local supermarket is anything to go by) I have my own. In fact it is so good that it has its own page – click on the link at the top, just under the heading to check it out – and then check back every day for a little bit of festive cheer!

Red Marinière

Everyone knows that you cannot beat a good marinière top. It is one of my favourite go to tops when nothing else seems to look or feel right. The classic stripes always seem to hit the mark.

My current navy and white stripe top is from Petit Bateau (the latest in a long line of navy and white striped tops ).Given that they get quite a lot of wear it is the type of top (like white shirts and t-shirts) that just need replacing after a while so I thought that I would have a go at making one.

I spent a while looking for just the right navy and white jersey – not too thick, not too thin – but to no avail. I then spotted on the Raystitch website this red and white striped jersey.Lovely, but just a pity they didn’t have it in navy.

But then I saw this red and white striped version from Boden. Maybe? I ordered the Raystitch jersey and set  to creating the boat neck variation of the T-shirt pattern from Sew-U Stretch.

Et voilà, the finished article. As you can see I also adapted the pattern to create long sleeves and I added a ribbon stay tape into the back neck line to stop the neckline stretching out.And, the finishing touch? The three gold anchor buttons sewn onto the canvas strip topstitched onto the left shoulder.