One Pattern, One Week – Days one, two and three

You may remember that I posted about the “one week one pattern” project organised by Tilly. The idea being that for one full week you (or rather I) would wear garments made from one pattern, be that a pattern by one of the Big 4 pattern companies, a smaller independent company or a self drafted pattern. Obviously various interpretations of the chosen pattern would be allowed but in addition to this being a sewing challenge – in so far as the items would have been sewn from the same pattern – it was also a styling challenge – to see how people could style the garments throughout the week.

Well, last week was the week in question and although I left it until the very last minute to decide what pattern to wear all week I eventually decided to go with the Violet blouse from Colette Patterns.

I already had two versions of the blouse made up and over the course of the weekend I finished up a further version which gave me three blouses in total for the week. I thought that this would be workable and it proved to be fine, in spite of teething vomiting baby. I knew though that it would still remain a challenge as blouses aren’t my usual top of choice. I wear them every now and then so they are not completely rare i my wardrobe – but a whole week of them?? That would be hard.

Day One

The OWOP week started on a Saturday. Saturday for us starts early with delivering children to various music lessons followed by pony riding classes. Afternoons are usually spent in the garden or chilling round the house or in the park. Not a day I would normally wear a blouse. That said I stuck to the plan and wore the Valentine’s Violet over a white t-shirt (with the aim being to give it a slightly more casual vibe). I wore it over skinny jeans and added a red belt for a pop of colour and to make it seem as though I have a waist. A red jellydesigns bangle and gold trainers finished off the look.

Day two

I was full of enthusiasm this morning after the success of my day one outfit (I hadn’t been at all sure that it would go over skinny jeans, which are my staple at the moment so I was chuffed when Saturday’s outfit worked out) and so stayed with the Valentine’s Violet and skinny jeans but instead of the belt I added a green blazer over the blouse and wore purple ballet pumps on my feet. I probably should admit that I really only wore this outfit for half a day as Sunday morning I did a bike/yoga workout and didn’t get showered and dressed properly until lunchtime but even so I was pretty pleased with my effort.

Day three

Monday saw dressing for teaching so I pushed the boat out and decided to go for the more formal grown up option – teaming the blouse with a skirt!! This time I wore the japanese print violet which I will bring you more up to date with later this week (ie I haven’t blogged about it yet!!). I wore it with my new RED pencil skirt……..also to be blogged about soon! This was a fairly radical departure from my usual attire but actually it felt pretty good (even if I did change one I got home… wasn’t very suitable for clearing out the garage!)

More to come on the rest of the week….

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