Pin tucks and stitching straight

You may wonder what I have been up to? Well, apart from deciding on the designs and patterns for the Rainbow Challenge fabrics (more details coming soon) I thought I would do a bit of technical sewing, by which I mean, testing out a new (to me) technique. I have been attracted to lots of tops and dresses with pin tucks recently and so thought I would give it a go.

Rather than do something straightforward like taking a pattern with pin tucks in it and following the instructions and pattern markings I thought I would take a simple pattern (the Colette Patterns Sobretto) and completely modify it to add pin tucks down the front, a button back, facings and sleeves.

The pieces are all cut out and I have done one half of the pin tucks. In theory pin tucks are very straightforward. You just need to mark how far apart you want them and how wide you want the tuck and then you need to draw very straight lines and then sew very straight lines. And, there in is the problem. I “need” a longer ruler and I think I need to practice sewing straight lines. My pin tucks aren’t bad but they are not perfect either and of course my eyes are drawn straight to the bits where things went a bit astray. There is one bit that  I am going to unpick and re-do and then I will battle on with the second half and keep you updated!

3 thoughts on “Pin tucks and stitching straight

  1. Ugh. Last week I was practicing a blouse muslin with pintucks. I used a pattern that called for pintucks, but the illustrations weren’t that clear so I did it completely wrong the first time. Started over with newly cut fabric, got one side of the blouse perfect (well, good-looking enough) and couldn’t for the life of me get the other side to look straight and even. So I gave up. Maybe your perseverance and finished product will inspire me to try again…

  2. I’ve been studying pin tucks on clothes in shops, mainly Primark actually! I’m inspired but a little nervous so will be interested to see how it pans out

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