One Week One Pattern

Have you checked out Tilly’s blog recently and her One Week One Pattern challenge?

I think I might take part, only I am now away for a week, so no sewing, and that leaves me just a couple of weeks to sew away if I am to show seven different variations of one pattern (you don’t have to show seven different variations at all – check out Tilly’s guidelines – but given how messy things generally are around here it would be good to have something clean to put on each day!). I will see how things are when I get back from holiday but if i do take part it will be with the Colette Violet pattern  – I already have two made (the black and white one shown here – and another that is now finished and I will show you in more detail once the photos are taken) and I have been practising pin tucks on another top that it is in the making with a view to making another Violet with pin tucks. So that would make three and i am pretty sure that I could come up with some other variations without too much trouble… this space! And check out Tilly’s post if you fancy a bit of the action.

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