jacket for a scarf

You might remember that one of my resolutions for this year is to participate in at least one of The Sew Weekly challenges each month. 2012 kicked off on the Sew Weekly with an introductory post by each of the participants featuring one garment they made last year. You can see my post here.

As I managed to get that post in within the time period set for that challenge I suppose strictly speaking I can tick off January. But that seemed a little lame – I mean it is hardly participating in a weekly sewing challenge when they only thing you have to show for it is something you made last year is it? So I decided to knuckle down and go for at least one of the other challenges this month.

Which brings me to the ‘jacket for a scarf’. I received a lovely black and white collar/scarf for Christmas (the one you can see in the photo at the top) which, to my mind, was screaming out for a black jacket to go with it. And, would you know it? The second challenge on The Sew Weekly was to create a garment or outfit inspired by an accessory. Bingo (only I didn’t manage to get the jacket finished to properly participate in the challenge – hence show casing the jacket here and not there!).

Luckily I had some of this fabric in the cupboard (bought about this time last year I think in the January sales of the most expensive fabric shop in the south of France, say no more). Unluckily I had only bought a metre and a half (probably something to do with the price, even in the sales) which ruled out most of the patterns I had in mind.

But then I remembered this pattern.

Vogue 8640

I have made a couple of versions of the pencil skirt but hadn’t yet made the jacket and after a little bit of reflection and modification I thought this would be perfect. I was looking for something a little longer but realised it would be simple to add some length to the body and the arms.

The pattern is actually very simple – a front and back yoke, the lower back and front and the sleeves. The directions stated that the same pattern pieces be used for the lining and that the outer shell and the lining would then be sewn together. I ummed and ahhed over whether to add facings in the same fabric as the outer shell to make it look more ‘professional’ but in the end I decided to go with the pattern directions.*

Other than adding some length to the body and the arms I also added some top stitching around the yoke and I finished all of the seams by creating mock flat felled seams (some of which you might just be able to make out on this photo).*I wore this jacket for the first time on Friday and essentially I like it (what is not to like about a useful black jacket) but something was bugging me….the lack of facings – maybe I am being pedantic but it feels wrong and, worse, when the wind flaps it open from time to time you can see that the lining comes right to the edge and I don’t like it – in addition, despite understitching around the neckline the lining still has a tendancy to creep over – and believe me I have pressed it to death. So I am going to take out the lining and add facings and re-line it. Give that the jacket only took a couple of afternoons to whip up I don’t mind this too much and hopefully the addition of facings will take it from a ‘like’ to a ‘love’!!




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