{ Nearly } A dress

I’m going to take you back to a couple of days before Christmas. You have a ‘to do’ list a mile long…four lots of stocking presents to sort and wrap…cranberry sauce bubbling over simmering on the stove…egg whites whipping for meringues…chocolate burning in the microwave and ten tonnes of vegetables to be chopped for soup….what do you do? A sane person would probably halt everything, make a cup of tea, prioritize the things on the list and work through the cooking projects one at a time to stop sheer carnage. What did I do?

Got out the stepladders, pulled out the black and white wool fabric I had stashed on the top shelf of the cupboard as I wouldn’t be needing it soon (!), got out the Crepe pattern to adapt (yes, you read that right) and set to work.

I mean, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a new dress, is it??Unfortunately, in terms of this being a new dress for Christmas, this is where I got to. The bodice is done, the skirt is attached but the button fastenings need sewing on and it needs hemming and time ran out.

But, hopefully it will be done for New Year….watch this space!

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