festive munchies – la bûche

We went traditional English for our Christmas lunch main course this year but as a nod to where we live I dispensed with English Christmas pudding and instead made a chocolate yule log (la bûche).After comparing the various recipes I could find and doing a tour of the local boulangeries to see what they were offering it seems that the choice basically comes down to chocolate or a mixture of chocolate and chestnut.

As there was a fairly even split at the table this year of adults and children I decided to play safe and go with chocolate. I followed Nigella‘s recipe from her book Feast without modification and then let the children add the decorations (and if you look carefully you will also see where they tasted the icing at the same time!).Maybe it was because I had made it and seen how much sugar had gone into the dessert but for my taste this dessert is just too sickly sweet. Despite this it did look good and everyone else loved it (I think they would have licked the plate if I had let them!).


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