Late Fall Challenge – The Plan and Item 1

As promised yesterday here is the post about the first item I made for my Late Fall Challenge. As I stated in that post (click here if you missed it) my mission was to make four or five items to mix and match to give me a handful of outfits that suit my lifestyle and the time of year.

There has been quite a lot of talk recently on various sewing blogs about planning your sewing and about sewing things that you would actually wear day to day. And seeing as sewing is related to fashion and fashion is all about trends I thought I would cash in on this one!

The planning part of sewing is something that seems completely obvious once you start thinking about it – but the problem is that until someone points it out many of us just don’t think about it. In some ways the extent to which you need  to incorporate a ‘plan’ into your sewing depends largely on how prolific a sewer you are and whether your ultimate aim (in the long or short term) is to home-produce the majority of your wardrobe. If you just like to sew the odd garment here and there then it is probably fine to pick and choose patterns and fabrics on the spur of the moment without too much thought as to what that garment will go with and how it will fit into your day to day wardrobe (much like spur of the moment purchases). If, on the other hand, you are aiming to sew most of your own clothes then some planning is essential to ensure that you end up with clothes that make up oufits that you actually wear.

OK, well that was a fairly long winded way of saying that I had a plan for this challenge. Firstly, I wanted a few outfits that I could sling on in the morning without having to think too hard about what goes together well (hence the mix and match requirement). Secondly, having fairly recently given birth I wanted a bit of a change of style. Nothing too drastic but having spent the latter part of my pregnancy in elasticated waist bottoms and jersey tops I wanted to look a little smarter and I wanted an injection of colour to combat any winter blues.

I decided that I would like to try and make one pair of trousers, a skirt and at least a couple of tops. For the trousers and skirt I decided to play relatively safe and go for a deep blue denim. Not massively exciting but I have been after a denim skirt for a while now as I like the way they can be dressed up or down and as for the trousers I decided to try out the new Colette Patterns trouser pattern Clover as a slightly different take on a pair of jeans.

Tops-wise I had a pretty yellow floral cotton and some red and white striped jersey left over from my red marinière. And, I also had this dress:This was a dress that I made at the beginning of the summer when I had a bump to dress. It had a navy blue jersey yoke and the floral cotton is a Liberty cotton lawn. I liked the dress but suspected that it would not be worn too much in the future as I generally have a fairly strong aversion to wearing anything I have worn whilst pregnant after I have given birth. I therefore decided to do a little recycling/upcycling.

Given that I was limited in terms of the amount of fabric I pulled out the Colette Sobretto pattern. A simple tank top would be just perfect. I lengthened the pattern by about 5cm through the waist so that it fell slightly longer and I omitted the front pleat (mainly as I didn’t have enough fabric but I also think that the pleat looks best in a relatively plain fabric where you can use the pleat to best visual effect).Instead of using bias binding to finish the armholes and neck I overlocked the edges and used a thin hem on the armholesand drafted a front and back facing for the neckline.So there you have it. Item 1 of my late fall challenge. More coming up this week….

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