Anyone for a crêpe party?

I admit I have maybe spent too long reading Nigella Lawson’s cook books of late (you probably had to see the tv episode of her in a lacy negligé, fully made up with perfectly coiffed hair pretending to have just got out of bed and stating that surely everyone has days when they wake up and just feel that they must have a frittata party – to get the heading of this post but I digress…)- but this dress (from the Crêpe pattern by Colette Patterns) was my ‘go to’ party dress of the summer (she says, as though she has parties to attend every other night!).

The pattern is for a simple wrap dress with an A-line skirt and a tie waist. There are two variations included – for a straightforward round neck  or a sweetheart neckline and both variations wrap at the back so that the front of the dress has clean lines.

As I was carrying the bump around over the summer the first dress I made I altered to accomodate a growing tummy. I shortened the bodice section to finish just under the bust and lengthened the skirt sections accordingly. I also widened the front skirt section and pleated the additional width to fit to the bodice. The final maternity alteration I made was to inverse the bodice pieces so that the dress wrapped at the front so that if the additional width I had added to the skirt section was not enough I could just loosen the dress a little.

The red, black and white fabric was a Mona cotton and the contrasting tie belt was made from a black and white spot cotton that I had in the cupboard.

I haven’t yet tried this dress on again since the bump became a baby but I am hoping that I can either still wear it as it is  – with just a very full skirt, or that I will be able to adapt it to make it wearable. I loved it in the summer but looking at the photos now I think it would also look good with thick black tights and a black cardigan or jumper – perfect to brighten up a dreary winter day!


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